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Compassion Alert

Fellow Tumblrs!

Please help spread some compassion on Tumblr!

Compassion Alert’s mission is to help Tumbloggers execute ‘reverse cyber-bullying’. We strive to let those who think they are alone know that they are not, with a strong focus on those who are considering suicide. Please note that this blog exists to show kindness to others, not to diagnose or cure depression, eating disorders, or other illnesses.

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Peace and Love - Youth Talks Crew

Cyber Compassion Day 2013


Today marks the 30 day countdown to #CyberCompassion Day!

On September 3rd, 2013, (the first day of school), you will be logging onto your social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and sending positive messages to your family, friends, and/or followers. This can include compliments, words of encouragement, and any positive message in general. Think of your posts as warm fuzzies, except you will be sending them online!

How Can I Participate?

Here are some examples you may consider:
• Send a nice ask, anon or not, to some of your followers or people you follow!

Writing a compliment on someone’s Facebook wall

• Mentioning someone you respect on Twitter

• Posting a picture/video on Instagram of someone who is important to you and writing a nice caption below

• Creating a Vine or YouTube video with a positive message to someone you care about and/or respect

Be creative with your posts! There are so many different ways you can compliment or show someone you care about them.

Why Should I Participate?

We can work together to change the social climate of our online community and make it a safe and peaceful space for its users. We can demonstrate how social networking sites can be used to spread compassion and understanding, promote peaceful social media, and prevent cyber bullying once and for all!

Let’s Get it Trending!

With every message you post, please incorporate #CyberCompassion, so you will be able to see all of the amazing messages people are sending to each other!

Invite your friends to the event and let’s make this year’s Cyber Compassion Day the biggest one yet!

Peace and Love - the YT crew

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